Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in China Town

In Chinatown, Jakarta

In Chinatown, Jakarta

Preparation is on its way to welcome the Chinese New Year. Red lanterns, auspicious symbols, temple offerings hang in stalls in China-towns around the globe. At the eve of the New Year families and friends would gather around a festive communal feast – with lion and dragon dances believed to attract good fortune. There is also a tradition of giving away lucky money in families usually placed in special red envelopes (ang pau). On the fifth day of the New Year, the gods of prosperity are believed to descend from the heavens and to ascent back after the fifteenth day at the Full Moon, a celebration also known as Cap Go Meh or the festival of Lanterns which marks the end of the New Year. In Jakarta Chinatown Indonesia, like each year, stalls along the streets are filled with these colourful items welcoming the year of the wooden horse. I have always enjoyed browsing through its many alleys during this festive time.

Chinese New Year Chinatown Jakarta

Chinese New Year Chinatown Jakarta

Here are some images taken in Jakarta Chinatown during the Chinese New Year …

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