Benson Lake, Oregon


Benson lake Oregon.

Hiking/nature walk came to me from my boarding school in Switzerland. From there on I am hooked. Spending time outdoor is good for my body, mind and soul. Each time after this outing, I felt energize ready to look forward for another challenge in life.
On the day me and friend decided to venture out for hiking, the weather did not cooperate. Grey, with rain clouds hovering above, occasionally sunshine peek around the corner. Still we said to our self, up there will be fine rain or shine we will hike.

An hour drive through Old McKenzie scenic highway. A serene drive, beautiful scenery, towering fir trees, splash color of yellow, magenta amongst the trees and vegetation. Gradually, the road began to climb winding, at every turn rock formation appear with rainbow colors from wild shrubs.

There are ravines to watch out, for some are steep with plenty of large rocks. Then, in front of us a beautiful panorama of fir trees forest, the clouds open up,  blue sky as a background.  Beautiful !

Snow covered mount sister, Oregon


We stopped for a rest at Dee Wright look out. Every where lava rocks peeking through another rocks. In front of us three Sisters mountain covered with snow. Surrounded by odd looking trees, apparently able to grow in between lava rocks. Amazing!  The view reminded me of an alien colony on Mars.


We climb up to the look out, from there 360 degree view of these lava rocks including three sisters, mount Scott and several other mountains I do not remember.

Then we descended to visit Benson lake. Ate our lunch before we headed to our destination on an area with several picnic tables over looking a nameless lake. Saw a man fly fish, don’t know how long he was there, but he did not stay long after we arrived. Apparently he did not catch any.

Pine tree bend by heavy snow.


The trails to Benson were easy to walk felt like walking on soft carpet. Even though was an easy walk there are plenty of obstacle for our feet. Protruding roots, rocks or fir cones. Watch out for these obstacles.
Gradually the trail began to feel difficult to walk, ascending, to where we want to go. Along the path wild huckleberries abound. We picked a few to munch, small size very sweet, taste better than blueberries.  Next hiking will take a basket to pick this delicious berries.


Still walking, chanting, talking, where is the lake I ask my friend. “Oh is here some where”. Then she shouted,  there is the lake, let us walk faster, we did, I was huffing and puffing because of my heavy bag pack.   Finally Benson lake, beautiful, calm,  fir trees surround the lake, huge, small rocks were visible too.   This is heaven in mind…..

For a  better view of the lake, we have to walk further in to a smaller trail path which was not easy. We were determine to walk up to a flat rock plateau where we eventually arrived. From up there the view was unbelievable Three sisters surrounded by other mountains, magnificent that I described for Benson lake.

Snow covered mount sister Oregon.


Each of us sat on a rock admiring the view.  It was worth to hike this far.  Round trip was 4 miles.  Elevation was 4000 feet not to bad for gorgeous scenery

Mathieu lake 6000 feet was higher and much more strenuous with narrower trail path.. We hiked two weeks after Benson to Mathieu lake  I love challenges in life especially in nature.  We could not stay long as the wind picked up speed and rain clouds start to gather. Sad to leave a wonderful place, quite, with no other human being in sight. I will return again to Benson lake sometime when weather permit.






Lower lake Benson Oregon.






















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