Yogyakarta Delights …

Gudeg local specialty from Yogyakarta Indonesia

Yogyakarta the cultural capital of Central Java is not only known for its Hindu Buddhist temples of Borobudur or Prambanan but each time when I visit this wonderful city still shrouded with its bygone charms I just cannot resist to its delightful delicacies.  I would devour the irresistible gudeg a local specialty made from young jack fruit cooked in spices (coriander, galangal, bay leaves, candle nuts …) and coconut milk. It is traditionally cooked in a clay pot (kendil) served with rice, hard boiled eggs, chicken, tofu, tempe and the typical sambal goreng krecek (spicy crispy beef skins) You can taste some of the city’s delicious gudeg in a warung ( Indonesian style coffee shop ) or lesehan (traditional food stalls with no chairs, that means sitting on rattan tikar mats around low wooden tables. You’ll probably have to get used to sitting Javanese style without getting pins and needles) either around Malioboro (usually open in the evenings) or there are several gudeg restaurants near the Kraton (Sultan’s palace) worth a try. And of course I would go and treat my self to the various local sweet snacks sold along the streets and markets specially around Beringhardjo traditional market.

“Jajan Pasar” local cakes and sweets

Among those of my favourites are bolang baling, klepon, apem, dadar gulung, wajik … made from rice flour, palm sugar, coconut and other local ingredients.
Putu is another local sweet snacks worth mentioning because I simply love these delicious steamed buns (cooked in bamboo tubes) made of sago and rice flour filled with palm sugar (gula Jawa) … my favourite sweets yummy !

Street vendor along Malioboro at night selling local delicacies Putu, onde onde and klepon …

Es Dawet or cendol is another of my favourite local drink made from fresh coconut milk and comes in all sort of variations.

Street food along Malioboro Jogyakarta

So, the next time you are in Jogjakarta immersed yourself in the local delicacies by trying these delicious street food …

Street food along Malioboro Yogyakarta

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