Children of the islands

The children of Sumba

The children of Sumba

Glimpses into the world of children growing up on the islands of Indonesia. Here are some images taken during my trip to the islands of Java, Sumba, Borneo Kalimantan, and Flores. These shots, prior to digital cameras, were taken with my film camera using reversal film and black and white negatives. My preference was to use Fujichrome and Ilford Delta 400. It was not that easy then, carrying rolls of films and being on the islands making sure not to run out of them. Precise shooting can be helpful but sometimes errors do occur as nothing can be seen at the back of the camera for correction so, no turning back either you hope to capture it right or you lost it and perhaps the best shot too! Snapping was easy but films and post production were costly which include development and duplicating slide originals. Photoshop was just in its infancy. Today in the digital era, it is photojournalism made easy capturing the world through the lens cannot be more fun while blending in with technology recreating surreal and aesthetic images. Meanwhile here are some of my memorable scanned shots to linger on …

Travelling down the Mahakam river deep in the heartland of the jungles of Borneo Kalimantan where I encountered some of the world most inspiring landscapes while meeting the little inhabitants.

On the island of Flores traditional villages nestled in the misty valleys offering some of the most unforgettable visits.

My most wonderful visit to the village of the Baduy people in West Java.

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