Rainforest Cafe at Marne La Vallee

Jungle delight at Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe at Disney Village Marne La Vallee France

Rainforest Cafe at Disney Village Marne La Vallee France

Animated animals lurking through lush vegetation, glimpse of elephants, gorillas and orangutan surrounded by tropical birds and macaws bathed in the mist of sounds of a tropical jungle, Rainforest Cafe is certainly one of the most impressive fun restaurant in Disney Village. It all began in 1989 when its creator Steven Schussler imagined dining surrounded by a tropical, developed the concept and transformed his home in Minneapolis into the first “jungle” style Cafe recreating a tropical forest with aquariums, exotic animals and birds as well as a retail shop. The Rainforest Cafe was born. But it was not till 1994 when Lyle Berman of Grand Casino took interest in the idea and help finance the making of the first Rainforest Cafe at the Mall of America in Blommington, Minnesota. In 2000 Rainforest Cafe was bought by the Texas based Landry’s Restaurant Inc. Today this original concept expanded and franchised world wide in Mexico, Canada, Dubai, Tokyo, London and can be enjoyed by visitors coming to Disney village in Marne La Vallee France. Managed by Groupeflo, France largest restaurant company Rainforest Cafe attracts people of all ages and children love it. For the kid’s corner it is great fun to meet up with the forest inhabitants such as Chacha the red eyed tree frog, Bamba the gorilla, Maya the jaguar, Tuki the elephant, Nile the crocodile, Ozzie the Orangutan and Rio the macaw. Many of the dishes are also named after these wild bunch. Active in charity work Rainforest Cafe helps to preserve animals world wide. “Throw a coin and make a wish” in a small alligator wishing well at the entrance of the restaurant or at another in the Atlas man waterfall in the restaurant, where visitors can throw coins and make their wish. A fun way to donate, and with all coins collected, it goes for world wide animal preservation. The entrance to the restaurant itself is an original concept and even I was impressed after passing through the shop, greeted by a beautifully kept aquarium. A delightful representation showcasing marine life habitat as a result of a working partnership with Sea Life of Val d’Europe. Another enchanting aquarium filled with various species of fishes can be seen at the Atlas room.

After meeting up with our jungle friends meet Fabrice Duranel the chief cook of Rainforest Cafe who has nicely orchestrated the classic Tex Mex cuisine from appetizing starters to delicious desert accompanied with lush tropical cocktails.

Fabrice Duranel Chief cook of Rainforest Cafe at Disney Village Marne La Vallee

Fabrice Duranel Chief cook of Rainforest Cafe at Disney Village Marne La Vallee

And now let’s travel into the deepest epicurean jungle delight skilfully concocted by Fabrice with an array exotic cocktail drinks. My Rainforest Ricky a mixture of pineapple orange, apple, strawberry and grapefruit juice is an absolute must try and so is the Virgin Colada a refreshing blend of coconut cream and pineapple juice. For alcoholic lovers there is a long endless list of great choices from classic margarita to mojito and for those keen on beers, have a go for their Coronarita daredevil cocktail – a frozen margarita topped with Corona beer !

After a refreshing plunge into the river of cocktails time to unwind while savouring some jungle starters. For solo adventurers, dip into Rainforest Pita Quesadillas, deliciously grilled chicken, roasted peppers caramelized onions and melted cheese wrapped around toasted pita bread. Another choice is to share between friends a fun way to begin the epicurean journey with an awesome appetizer adventure, the house favourite, featuring an array of tidbits around Tam Tam chicken wings, pico de gallo (mexican style mixture of tomatoes, onions and jalapenos peppers) on garlic bread, crispy fried chicken, blue cheese sauce and guacamole served with a mountain of fried sliced sweet potatoes.

Hunger still creeping through, dive deeper into a cornucopia of jungle treat with a selection of delicious exquisite goodies. The exotic Siva’s curry will surely entice you with a hearty platter of tasty sautéed chicken and shrimps, pineapple cloaked in light creamy coconut sauce topped with sweet smelling basmati rice. For pasta lovers a choice of Rasta Pasta wrapped around penne with chicken, spinach, broccoli, red bell peppers and parmesan cheese tossed in garlic cream sauce or natural Japanese style Udon pasta engulfed around asparagus, zucchini, peas tossed in tomato garlic cream sauce and pine nut pesto.

For burger lovers a choice of great burgers are offered featuring their most popular dish, the French burger delight made with special French beef- the Aubrac beef (well known French cattle breed that goes back centuries, raised in the rugged highlands and moors of Aubrac, southern Massif Central) topped with bacon, fresh lettuce, fried onion, Bleu d’Auvergne cheese, safari sauce and coleslaw.

Their grilled meats are also a must try with a unique Earth Sea platter, when the land meets the ocean to emerge as an irrisistable delectable duo of char grilled filet Steak & grilled Shrimp Rainforest syle with French style Béarnaise sauce served with rocket salad complete with its jacket potatoes topped with sour cream and Cheddar cheese. Another choice would go to their grilled meat dish, Maya’s mixed grill with BBQ spare ribs, smoked beef, sausages served with corn on the cob and French Fries.

Still hungry ? then try out their luscious Amazon fajitas, chicken, beff or combo fajitas served over grilled onions and bell peppers with sour cream, cheese, salsa, guacamole and flour tortillas.

Our epicurean jungle trip is soon ending, but wouldn’t it be nice to end our trip with sweet tasting delicacies and there is a yummy list on their menu. Among others are Bamba’s pancake – a warm pancake served with vanilla ice cream, pan sauteed bananas topped with maple syrup chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The volcano is another explosive experience and to share with friends too, is made of a giant chocolate brownie cake with nuts served with vanilla ice cream whipped cream and caramel sauce. Candle sparklers may also be placed on cakes for special treats. My desert choice perhaps goes to Maya mango sorbet. A sweet tasting fresh mango puree, mango topped with raspberry sauce and chocolate wafer.

Here ends our epicurean jungle trip and for those visiting Disney Village in Marne La Vallee just a few kilometres from Paris, it is certainly worthwhile visiting the friendly forest inhabitants while enjoying their hospitality at their home, the Rainforest Cafe.


The Rainforest Cafe
Disney Village
Disneyland Paris
77705 Marne-la-vallée Chessy

Open daily Monday through Sunday from 11.30 am – 11.00 pm (Saturday till midnight)
Telephone +33(0)

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