Medieval Provins

Medieval winter market

Medieval bread seller

Bread seller in a medieval attire

Reputed to be one of France most remarkable place to host medieval events, the fortified city of Provins, known since the 11th century for its merchant fairs and as part of UNESCO World Heritage, once again showcases the annual winter market. Sellers and visitors clad in their medieval and fantasy costumes add to the mystery of the winter solstice – being the shortest day in the year. As soon as the sun sets in the early afternoon, the historic Place du Châtel set against the backdrop of the imposing 12th century Caesar tower, bursts into fiery flames with torches and candles illuminating the road to medieval fun nights.

Medieval twilight market in Provins

Medieval twilight market in Provins

Walk around this historic place and discover candle making using real beeswax, in the old fashioned way best known as the drip method, when the wax is slowly poured at the top of a suspended wick, it cools and hardens onto the wick.

Making candles

Making candles

Sit around a bonfire and meet some troubadours and story tellers narrating legends and stories from medieval times …

Medieval bonfire in Provins

Medieval bonfire in Provins

The night has just begun and time to browse through the historic Place du Châtel and journey back in time to the Middle Ages and discover some of its treasure – lace making, leather, cloaks and dresses, yummy soup cooked on firewood as well as grilled chestnuts served by sellers in their medieval costumes, not forgetting the various types of breads made according to medieval recipes …

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Unesco Heritage Site

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