Beau Rivage Palace

Tea time at the Beau Rivage Palace

A memorable moments relaxing at the lovely tranquil verandah of the historic Beau Rivage Palace Lausanne overlooking the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland while enjoying some great teas, mouth watering cakes, home made jams and yummy sandwiches. My choice went for the smoky flavoured Lapsang Souchong tea. Steeped in history the luxury hotel opened in 1861 has been a place of choice for celebrities throughout the years with names such as Charlie Chaplin, Victor Hugo and many others … Diplomats too are part of the guests and so are the political meetings, such as the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, that brought an end to the Ottoman Empire and its conflict with the allied forces post WW I and so was the negotiations nuclear talk in 2015 with Iran attended by world delegates and recently talks on Syria hosted by John Kerry attended by Sergey Lavrov and other foreign counterparts.

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