Peruvian cuisine

Nikkei Peruvian cuisine in Paris

Manko by Gaston Acurio Peruvian Fusion restaurant in Paris

Manko by Gaston Acurio Peruvian Nikkei Fusion restaurant in Paris

With the variety of wonderful flavours mixed by Peruvian and Japanese traditional cuisine popularly known as Nikkei, it is of no surprise that such unique culinary fusion has swept over Europe and now in Paris brought by the Peruvian Chef entrepreneur Gaston Arcurio. The origins goes back to the late nineteenth century when Japanese migrant workers came to Peru. It is through the intermingling of these two cultures that has given birth to this unique Nikkei Peruvian cuisine. Set in a beautiful art deco surroundings Manko by Gaston Acurio will certainly delight anyone curious to discover the taste of Peruvian Nikkei fusion cuisine.

The lounge bar of Manko restaurant Paris

The lounge bar of Manko restaurant Paris

The lounge bar has a lovely inviting ambiance where you can get a taste of some of its unique fusion cocktails.

Manko restaurant

Manko restaurant

As you enter the restaurant with its open kitchen, you will surely be greeted by Jonathan the smiling manager who will help you go through the epicurean journey into the world of Andean Nikkei cuisine. Seated next to the kitchen, a pleasure and fun watching Peruvian cooks skilfully preparing dishes and being inquisitive, questioning the how’s and what’s along the way, it was certainly an unforgettable moment. The culinary journey begins with chicha morada a non alcoholic traditional Peruvian beverage, Manko style made with purple corn, served with cancha salted Andean chulpe fried corn.

Then comes bao, Chinese style king crab filled buns with criolla sauce made of yellow chilies, onions and coriander.

Ceviche is the popular dish found along the coastal regions of the Andes – raw fish marinated in citrus juices with aromatic herbs and aji or chili peppers. The Peruvian fusion style comes in with Ceviche Nikkei an exquisite concoction of fresh bonito fish, nori seaweed, avocado, radish with tamarind lime juice.

The salads are not to be missed, and the causa limena consisting of lemon pureed potatoes, crab, king prawns, quail, sun dried tomatoes mayonnaise and mustard seeds is certainly another of Mako’s savory delight. So is their irresistible tiradito – raw fish sashimi style in citrus based marinade with aromatic herbs, spices and fried seaweed.

From their grill in a wood fired ember oven, comes this delicious octopus with anticuchera lemon based sauce, black olives and fried garlic.

Caceroles or generously served dish for the most hungriest is another choice which comes with a lovely Chinese style crispy duck with rice. The arroz con pato is served in a tasty mixture of beer and duck sauce and garnished with red onions, radish and avocado.

As for dessert, a luscious selection of sweets comes in with delicious maracuja all homemade mixture of passion fruit cream, ginger sponge, banana and chocolate chips with tonka beans ice cream. Another must try is the sacha tomate a mascarpone cheese and coffee mousse with homemade honey sorbet and pistachio cocoa liquor.

And to end it all with some of Manko’s superb Nikkei dessert cocktails. Le Rêve d’Ica and Lys made with Quatro Gallos Peru’s favourite pisco brandy.

15 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 82 28 00 15

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