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The garden of Tuileries The garden of Tuileries

Once the royal garden part of the long gone Tuileries Palace, the Tuileries garden was created in the Italian Renaissance style in the sixteenth century by Catherine of Medici wife to Henry II of France. But it wasn’t till the seventeenth century when the garden was redesigned by the landscape architect André Le Nôtre under the reign of Louis XIV and opened to the public in 1667. Today Le Nôtre’s French style garden is still an enchantment to many. Seventeenth century style antique statues as well as works of famous sculptors are the permanent inhabitants peeping among the labyrinth of green hedges or swimming along hues of violet and purple Irises bordering the garden. I simply enjoy walking along the shady lime trees surrounded by fountains – a great way to spend the afternoons while relaxing in the many garden cafe. What is interesting about this…

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