Japanese food

Japanese gourmet

A variety of delicious sushi

A variety of delicious sushi

Who does not know sushi, these lovely Japanese seafood treasure trove wrapped in nori seaweed decoratively presented and I am a great fan for it. I discovered a lovely Japanese restaurant Miyako at the Beau Rivage hotel during my visit to Lausanne. Set in a contemporary surroundings facing the beautiful Lake Geneva, Miyako serves traditional Japanese food with a special hot plate table for Teppan-Yaki. Sitting right in front of the hot table, my culinary journey at Miyako begins with a tasty Miso seaweed soup, a bowl of edamame and half cooked tuna on a bed of deliciously prepared seaweed salad accompanied with Japanese green tea.

Followed by an assortment of decoratively and deliciously prepared sushi served with slices of pickled ginger, green wasabi Japanese horseradish paste, rice vinegar and soy sauce …

Next comes the irresistible tempura – these thinly sliced vegetables or seafood dipped in batter and deep fried …

Their Teppan-Yaki – meats, vegetables or seafood prepared in front of you is certainly worth a try. I had quite an enjoyable time watching how the master chef would skillfully cut, placed and broiled the food on an iron griddle. I watched as my tiger prawns took a lovely golden colour while bathing in an irresistible delicious aroma and finally as spirit is poured onto the griddle then lit it was flambé and soon ready to be served. The mouth watering scene gloriously ends on a plate nicely arranged awaiting to be devoured by a hungry spectator.

Last but not least is the dessert, mochi yukimi daifuku, a vanilla ice milk wrapped in a thin layer of mochi or rice cake served with flambé strawberry sauce.

Miyako Lausanne
Hotel Beau Rivage
Place du Port 17-19
CH 1000 Lausanne 6
T. +41 21 613 33 91

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