Hotel Banke

Lunch at Josefin

Josefin restaurant at the Banke hotel in Paris

Josefin restaurant at the Banke hotel in Paris

Once a diamond bank built at the beginning of the twentieth century later bought by Jordi Clos owner of the Derby group hotels, today this historic building is completely transformed into an eclectic style hotel Banke. Entering the hotel, door draped in red curtains you will be greeted with a large engraving on the floor representing the Eye of Horus, Ra or popularly known as the Eye of Wadjet symbol of protection and patron goddess of Lower Egypt – recalling the keen interest of the owner for Egyptian culture. A passionate art collector, Jordi Clos is also the head of the Clos Archeological Foundation founded in 1993 and that of Archaeological Museum in Barcelona created in 1994. The interior is spectacularly impressive, renovated in the Egyptian Greco Roman inspired architectural decor of the 19th century – mosaic floors surrounded by black stone and porphyry columns with alternating red and gold colours surmounted by an amazing glass dome giving a sense of immensity and light. Elegantly decorated in gold, black and crimson coloured setting blending in with creative furniture such as the unique Marteen Baas black smoke burned chairs add to the eclectic and intimate ambiance of Josefin.

Creative and using only seasonal products including various edible plants and flowers – Josefin cuisine will surely surprise you. To begin with this culinary journey is the edamame delight topped with dried tomato to whet the appetite.

As a starter here comes a delicious mixture of eggs prepared with Spanish Iberian Bellota ham known commonly as pata negra topped with purple blue very thinly fried potatoes resembling fine vermicelli mix with onion and white truffle oil. Another delight is the Japanese style salmon and its roe prepared in the Nordic gravlax style served as an appetizer with pureed wasabi celery and wild edible chickenweed. For the more curious take a dip into the creatively prepared frog legs served with various mushrooms including shiitake, enoki and oyster mushrooms accompanied with watercress and parsley.

The main course comes in with an array of delicious choices. Like steamed spicy cod fish served with Spanish Iberian Chorizo and piquillos pepper with bulgur wheat. For those who like meat is the must try grilled veal chops with coriander and carrot. My choice went to the delectable ducks cooked in cinnamon flavoured red wine served with puree celery and London dry gin gravy.

Followed by an array of fabulously created irresistible sweets that will entice you to end this luscious epicurean journey. Take your pick from light millefeuille with caramel, one of its signature dessert or passion fruit delight with organic chestnut squash sorbet topped with so creamy chocolate chantilly to the traditional classic Mont Blanc Josefin style with Cuban rum flavoured chestnut cream and French style meringue and preserved kumquats.

Josefin Restaurant
Hotel Banke 5
20, Rue la Fayette
75009 Paris
Tel. +33 (0) 155 332 222

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