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Rech seafood restaurant in Paris by Alain Ducasse

Rech seafood restaurant in Paris by Alain Ducasse

In 1925 the Alsation born Adrien Rech came to Paris to open up his first grocery shop and seafood restaurant. Soon it became quite popular among Parisians who kept coming back to get a taste of his reputed oysters. After having passed through another owner, Alain Ducasse took over this charming historic restaurant in 2007 and brought back its glimmering days by offering some of the best seafood caught along the coasts of Brittany and Normandy. Today Rech is celebrating its 90th birthday, and a special menu is creatively orchestrated by the talented Chef Damien Leroux. The ambiance setting is a historical charm, with a beautiful zinc top bar on one side and two emblematic “Spirit of Ecstasy” bronze statues on the other side. If the decor is a reflection of the bygone days, walk up the stairs alongside walls decorated with old stained glass windows and enter into a contemporary Scandinavian ambiance recalling the sea shores. Upon entering Rech you will probably be greeted by Eric Meunier the restaurant manager who will not only tell the amazing story of this historic place over the years but will certainly guide you through your epicurean journey into the seafood kingdom of Rech.

To whet the appetite, the various bread especially the ones with seaweed flavouring is a must try, salted butter alongside marinated sea bass served on a bed of mixed quinoa with whipped cream and fennel flavoured sauce.

Then begins the special menu created by Chef Damien Leroux to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Rech seafood restaurant. These are the “classics” served at Rech revisited for an ephemeral menu anniversary celebration. Here it is marinated red mullet tartar served on a bed of cream sauce borago flowers and topped with caviar

Red mullet tartar

Red mullet tartar

Scallop Coquille St Jacques comes next deliciously prepared in a symphony of very tasty pumpkin in all its splendour with a touch of muscat.

Scallop in pumpkin sauce

Scallop in pumpkin sauce

Next on this anniversary menu comes the raviole de homard bleu (blue lobster raviole) immersed in fine deliciously made bouillon

Raviole de homard bleu

Raviole de homard bleu

Then followed by a lovely grilled ray fish served with the traditional “grenobloise” sauce made with capers, crôuton, lemon and parsley.

The traditionally served Camembert cheese is next on this special menu – creamy soft cheese that came from the reputed Cantin family cheese merchant founded in the 50’s.

And last but not least the crowning glory for this special 90th anniversary, is Mister Rech hazelnut ice cream served with a warm luscious chocolate sauce Alain Ducasse style.

Coffee comes next and served with Rech’s famous Madagascar vanilla filled XL eclair …

62 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris
TEL: +33 1 58 00 22 03

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