Le George

Mediterranean delight at Le George

Le George restaurant of George V Hotel, Paris

Le George restaurant of George V Hotel Paris

A Mediterranean gourmet set in an elegant setting is the new restaurant Le George at the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Olives, truffles and seafood are on the daily menu with each of these Mediterranean inspired dishes revisited and creatively orchestrated in a contemporary touch bursting in a rainbow of unique flavours while using the finest ingredients from France and Northern Italy. The place itself is artfully decorated with Baccarat and Lalique furnishing surrounded by blooming phalaenopsis orchids. My culinary journey at Le George begins with savoury Chef’s selected amuse-bouche to whet the appetite – foccacia bread with parmesan cheese, achovies mini pizzas and small fried shrimps served with a lovely north Italian shciopetto dry white wine.

Followed by a delicious “crudo” appetizer of half cooked red tuna fish topped with finely sliced fragrant black truffles. Next comes another “crudo” marinated raw yellow tail kingfish with a touch of ginger.

Small tastefully made grilled prawn dipped in a fruity taste Cremone mustard comes next with another uniquely flavoured onion cake with its parmigiani cheese sorbet !

The tasteful green spinach salad topped with red prawns, finely sliced leeks and sprinkled with aromatic truffle oil and parmesan cheese is certainly a must try. The sweet and sour sole fish with basil comes next …

And the crowning glory for my Mediterranean dip at Le George are the luscious desserts and even if you are not a dessert fan, their wonderful end of the gourmet lane is definitely a must try – take your pick, crème brulée cheesecake style with mandarin sorbet or half cooked apple in ginger with yogurt sorbet served with mascarpone cream …

Le George Restaurant
Four Seasons Hotel George V
31, avenue George V
75008 Paris
Tel: + 33 (1) 49 52 70 00

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