Les Trois Couronnes

At Des Trois Couronnes in Vevey

At the Hotel Les Trois Couronnes Vevey

At the Hotel Des Trois Couronnes Vevey

Built in the early nineteenth century along a lovely lakeside promenade, hotel Des Trois Couronnes is undoubtedly one of Vevey’s well preserved hidden gem and certainly worth a stop over when visiting this charming historic town, located along the vineyards of Lavaux between Lausanne and Montreux. With its one star Guide Michelin and 15/20 ratings in Gault Millau, an overnight stay while trying out its delicacies in the historic gastronomic restaurant is a real treat. A choice of two restaurants are offered – Le 3C brasserie style that gives to a nice cozy veranda and the Les Trois Couronnes gastronomic restaurant. Entering the gastronomic restaurant is like stepping back in time with its nineteenth century frescoes decorating the walls and spectacular views over the terrace and lake.

Gastronomic restaurant Les Trois Couronnes and Lionel Rodriguez Chef of les Trois Couronnes

Gastronomic restaurant Les Trois Couronnes and Lionel Rodriguez Chef of Les Trois Couronnes

The mouth watering menu which changes monthly uses the very fresh ingredients, delightfully orchestrated by the French born Chef Lionel Rodriguez. Joined in 2012, his experiences working with some prestigious restaurants such as Alain Ducasse, Laurent and Table d’Edgard of Lausanne Palace has given Les Trois Couronnes its second consecutive ratings of Michelin. I had a tasty and aesthetically presented scallop carpaccio and butternut pumpkin in citrus sauce sprinkled with one of the best Sicilian aromatic olive oil I ever had – the Chef’s choice ! Then comes roasted saddle venison with juniper eau de vie served with green curly kale and seasoned polenta. Delicious dessert comes in with poached pear and spicy Arlette cookie with caramel mousse and dry candied fruit.

As the hours went by I decided to try out their Spa in the late afternoon. The Puressens Spa which opened in 2002 offers body treatments, massages and Joëlle Ciocco facials exclusive Swiss product. Taking my health cure at their lovely hammam steam bath and sauna with a nice indoor pool, I finally relax to the soft musical tunes while enjoying the spectacular views of the snow capped mountains over Lake Geneva.

A nice walk along the atrium of the hotel with its unique perspective before retiring to my lovely room overlooking the lake.

My culinary journey at Les Trois Couronnes continues at breakfast with an appetizing cold and hot buffet accompanied by a luscious vegetable filled omelet with turkey slices and juicy tomatoes prepared by the talented Chef Lionel Rodriguez.

Hotel Des Trois Couronnes
Rue d’Italie 49
1800 Vevey
Tel +41 21 923 32 00

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