Le Vraymonde Buddha Bar Hotel Restaurant

Buddha Bar Brunch in Paris

Stéphane Desprez Chef of Le Vraymonde restaurant of the Buddha Bar Hotel

Stéphane Desprez Chef of Le Vraymonde restaurant of the Buddha Bar Hotel

Set in an oriental style combining intimacy and traditional Chinese architecture, Le Vraymonde restaurant of the Buddha Bar Hotel housed in a historic 18th century building takes you back in time. Moon doors with mirroring perspective draped in Asian touch gives you the feel of 1930’s Shanghai or perhaps a background setting for the world of Suzie Wong. Le Vraymonde has a unique friendly atmosphere that brings you to discover an ambrosial Asian fusion culinary orchestrated by the talented Stéphane Desprez, Chef of Le Vraymonde. Sunday brunch is probably the best time to come where you can sit in an relaxing ambiance either inside or in the cozy courtyard while tasting some of Stéphane’s most innovative gourmet creations. Creative Asian fusion offered every week changes according to the seasons and thematically based on the four elements – water (seafood), earth (meats), air (vegetables) and fire (spicy) The cold buffet begins in the sushi bar – water element – exquisitely prepared by Satomi with a display of different yummy sushi to whet the appetite.

The air element comes in various tossed green salads with house specialty – the appetizing Buddha Bar chicken salad sprinkled with a blend of special blend sauce of sesame oil, honey and soy sauce. Another try out is the green Thai papaya salad, miso soup, Japanese Gyoza dumplings, Lebanese style taboulé with purple cauliflower, or scrambled eggs nicely presented in its shells.

An array of cold vegetable gazpacho to choose, from deliciously prepared beetroot with a touch of sherry, creamy ginger pumpkin to seaweed and ray-finned bonitos fish concoction.

More watery element comes in with sea bream and tuna fish tartare.

And here is my Sunday plate brunch …

In addition to the cold buffet, the hot dishes freshly prepared may also be ordered from the Sunday menu which changes each week. Two of their most popular dishes are the savory mushroom risotto, a medley of fresh green salad, shiitake, cepe boletus, pleurotus eryngii mushrooms and the Buddha Bar cheeseburger – a juicy uniquely seasoned Spanish beef patty topped with delicious tasty French Salers cheese (AOC semi hard cheese from Cantal region of Auvergne) served with sliced crispy fried lotus roots.

The dessert buffet is certainly not to be missed – tiramisu passion fruit, Kalamansi fruit tart (hybrid of kumquat and mandarin orange) various fruit cheesecakes, creme brulée …

Various tea comes in as the final treat, here with my delicious Lin Cang Pu Erh tea 2009 and Buddha Bar black and white sesame macaroon with Sencha green tea custard filling – a specialty of Le Vraymonde restaurant.

Pu Erh tea with sesame macaron

Pu Erh tea with sesame macaron

Le Vraymonde Restaurant
4, rue d’Anjou
75008 Paris
Reservations: Tel +33 1 83 96 88 70
Sunday Brunch 12:00am – 4:00pm

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