Khajuraho kama sutra in stone

Temple of Khajuraho

Temple of Khajuraho

One of the greatest architectural achievement of the Chandella dynasty is the creation of Khajuraho once the capital of the Rajputs rulers. Built between 10th and 11th centuries the Hindu and Jain temples are mostly known for its erotic sculptures influenced by Tantric teachings. Sensual figures of celestial nymphs depicted on walls as playing games, combing hair or putting make up with maithuna couples interlocking in a loving embrace. Like in many temples in India erotic sculptures can be seen decorating the walls but that in Khajuraho is perhaps one of the best and well preserved representation of Indian erotic temple art. The iconic symbolism portraying the ancient Indian culture is beautifully shown in Khajuraho illustrating spiritual and secular in which the “sacred embrace” of the male and female is a symbol of moksha or union with the divine – final release of bondage from samsara or the repeating cycle of birth and death.

Temple of Khajuraho Madya Pradesh India

Temple of Khajuraho Madya Pradesh India

The temples are a delight with some of the most expressive artistic achievement.

Sculptures of Khajuraho

Sculptures of Khajuraho

More images of the masterpieces carvings of Khajuraho

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