L'Oiseau Blanc

L’Oiseau Blanc an aviator’s gourmet

L'Oiseau Blanc restaurant at the Peninsula Paris

L’Oiseau Blanc restaurant at the Peninsula Paris

In 1927 when Charles Lindbergh made his successful transatlantic crossing, two French aviators Charles Nungesser and François Coli attempting the same race in their aircraft named “L’Oiseau Blanc” disappeared without trace, a mystery yet to be solved till this day. L’Oiseau Blanc restaurant at the prestigious Peninsula Paris named after their airplane pays homage to these two courageous aviators. Set in one of Paris historic building the former Majestic Hotel, the L’Oiseau Blanc is located on the sixth floor where the main entrance is styled like an interior of an aircraft leading to the main hall with open glass roofs decorated with items from the world of aviation.

Entrance to L'Osieau Blanc restaurant at the Peninsula Paris

Entrance to L’Osieau Blanc restaurant at the Peninsula Paris

The restaurant opens up to a beautiful rooftop terrace with spectacular view of Paris.

The beautiful terrace of L'Oiseau Blanc

The beautiful terrace of L’Oiseau Blanc

The “wake me up” cocktail blend of champagne, vodka, hibiscus and cranberry syrup top with lime one among the many irresistible cocktails offered before embarking on a trip into the aviator’s gourmet …

The aviator bar of  L'Oiseau Blanc at the Peninsula Paris

The aviator bar of L’Oiseau Blanc at the Peninsula Paris

As I sat under the glass roof with views over Paris, my gourmet flight began with some delightful salted macadamia nuts and olives while waiting for the main dishes …

Appetizers at L'Osieau Blanc restaurant

Appetizers at L’Osieau Blanc restaurant

At the L’Osieau Blanc traditional French dishes with contemporary touch orchestrated by the Alsatian born Chef Sidney Redel changes weekly using seasonal products include this week’s fresh squids cooked with asparagus cream blend in with Espelette pepper and cardamom.

Squids with asparagus cream

Squids with asparagus cream

My gourmet flight continued with the perfectly half cooked “Saumon à La Parisienne” specially prepared L’Oiseau Blanc style, a tribute to some of the dishes once served on Air France first flight from Paris to New York in 1946.

Salmon L'Osieau Blanc style

Salmon L’Osieau Blanc style

More fish on the menu with the precious freshwater Féra fish from Lake Geneva. I was not expecting to get this fish as even in Switzerland, has become a rarity although it may also be found in lake Bourget in Savoie. The delicious Féra fish is cooked with green olives and served with micro greens and crozets in cream sauce – small flat pasta traditional dish of Savoie.

Fish with green olives at L'Oiseau  Blanc

Fish with green olives at L’Oiseau Blanc

My gourmet flight landed exquisitely with the signature dessert of L’Oiseau Blanc, certainly not to be missed, created specially by Julien Alvarez Chef pastry of the Peninsula Paris. An exquisite chocolate mousse on top of raspberry sorbet on crispy biscuit …

L'Envol signature dessert of L'Oiseau Blanc

L’Envol signature dessert of L’Oiseau Blanc

Julien’s cheese cake is another delectable creation another must try, served with wild strawberries and the marvellous verbena flavoured sorbet.

Cheese cake at L'Oiseau Blanc restaurant

Cheese cake at L’Oiseau Blanc restaurant

My gourmet experience set in a unique aviator atmosphere orchestrated by both talented chefs Julien and Sidney ends with a teapot of fresh mint and salted butter caramel candies.

Sidney Redel and Julien Alvarez chefs at the Peninsula Paris

Sidney Redel and Julien Alvarez chefs at the Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula Paris
19 Avenue Kléber
75016 Paris
Tel: +33 1 5812 2888

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