Monte Cristo castle

The castle of Monte Cristo

Castle Monte Cristo home of  Alexandre Dumas

Castle Monte Cristo home of Alexandre Dumas

I have always enjoyed reading the adventurous story of the Count of Monte Cristo one of Alexandre Dumas famous novel which has attained world wide recognition. Another of his famous fictitious novel is the Three Musketeers which most have been adapted to the silver screes. Of French origin, Alexandre Dumas born in France was the son of General Alexandre Davy de la Pailleterie an illustrious military man, born in Haiti from a French nobleman and an African slave woman. His noble entourage facilitates him to work as a writer during the reign of Louis Philippe when he wrote articles and theatrical plays. He uses many collaborators to writes his novels which among them was Auguste Maquet who collaborated with him in finishing his would be famous The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. He made quite a fortune with his writings and spend lavishly on women and by giving sumptuous parties at this home the castle of Monte Cristo located in Le Port-Marly, just a few kilometres outside Paris. A womanizer, Alexandre Dumas had many mistresses and fathering some children out of wedlock among those was his son also named after him, Alexandre Dumas (son) who like him became a successful writer. His home the beautiful medieval renaissance style castle of Monte Cristo named after his famous novel was built in 1846 by Hippolyte Durand the French architect. One of the most spectacular decoration is the Moorish gallery built with the help of Tunisian artisans working for the Beys of Tunis. This particular hall is marvelously decorated in stuccoes and arabesques showing the typical Moorish architectural style. The gallery was restored under the patronage of King Hassan II of Morocco.

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Right in front of the main castle is the neo gothic style Château d’If surrounded by a small delightful moat with a bridge where Alexandre Dumas work on his many novels.

Château d'If in the grounds of the castle of Monte Cristo

Château d’If in the grounds of the castle of Monte Cristo

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