Lili Peninsula

Cantonese delight in Paris

Lili Chinese restaurant at the Peninsula Paris

Lili Cantonese Chinese restaurant at the Peninsula Paris

It might not be Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, but dining at Lili Peninsula will surely give you the impression of being there while savouring a delightful fine Chinese cuisine. In the recently opened Peninsula housed in the historic turn of the century building The Majestic, one of the many forgotten Parisian mythical hotels, the restaurant opens up to a spectacular architectural styles of Chinese and French opera. Inspired by the fictive figure of Lili, Chinese opera singer, the interior brings out blazing colours of red, draped curtains with its decorative tassels and murano crystal chandeliers set around a theatrical stage decorated with a carved wooden dome surrounded by sculptured marble columns. A lovely contemporary portrait of Lili made entirely of fine strings of lights and colourful Chinese opera costumes greet visitors at the entrance. A hallway flanked with stylish private salons where you can dine intimately in a romantic environment lead to the main restaurant. Exquisitely designed in a theatrical style with its large bay windows, the overall exotic ambiance adds to the style of tasting fine Cantonese cuisine in an elegant surroundings.

 Lili restaurant  at the Peninsula Paris

Lili restaurant at the Peninsula Paris

In a nicely set table are bowls and wooden chopstick placed on chop stick stand in the form of a Chinese junk – one of the many auspicious symbols in Chinese culture. There is a nice selection of Chinese tea including my favourite Pu Erh – fermented dark tea produced in Yunnan. A special royal 1990 aged Pu Erh tea is served in a lovely mini clay teapot alongside a delicious bowl of caramelized walnuts – sweet specialty to whet the appetite, concocted by Lili’s Chef Tang Chi Keung.

Lunch at Lili Peninsula hotel Paris

Lunch at Lili Peninsula hotel Paris

Cantonese cuisine with an array of Dim Sum to begin with – served in traditional bamboo steamer baskets are pork filled Siu Mai, shrimp filled buns Ha Kao with various vegetable and mushroom filled dumplings with different sauces including spicy sauce made with dried shrimps – another specialty of Chef Tang Chi Keung.

Steamed dumplings at Lili Cantonese restaurant

Steamed dumplings at Lili Cantonese restaurant

The traditional roast poultry and pork comes with a plate of delicious slices of char siu sweet savoury Iberian BBQ pork belly and Cantonese style roast duck.

Cantonese roasted meat at Lili Peninsula

Cantonese roast meat at Lili Peninsula

The feast continues with full-flavoured Yangzhou fried rice and spicy bean curd tofu – deep fried crispy cubes with soft inner texture that melts in your mouth.

Spicy tofu served with fried rice

Spicy tofu served with fried rice

The seafood comes with shrimp duo cooked in tempura style and fried served with seasonal steamed vegetables.

Shrimp platter Cantonese style

Shrimp platter Cantonese style

After an enjoyable serenade in fine Cantonese dishes, the Chinese opera session finishes in a grand finale of refreshing grapefruit pulp and sago pearls immersed in mango custard followed by yellow egg custard cream filled crusty sesame balls. Sesame balls made from glutinous rice flour are a popular sweets in Asia, probably originated as far back as the Tang dynasty in China and is usually filled with various fillings such as mung, red or black bean paste. At Lili the yellow egg filling sesame ball was created by Yip, Hong Kong Peninsula Chef specializing in pastries and Dim Sun dishes.

Dessert at Lili Penisula Paris

Dessert at Lili Penisula Paris

Curious to see the behind the scene kitchen story, then take some steps down to the kitchen and have an enjoyable meal while watching your dishes prepared by Chef Tang Chi Keung himself who will surprise you with his fabulous Cantonese delight at his unique Chef’s table.

Chef's table at Lili Peninsula

Chef’s table at Lili Peninsula

Lili Restaurant
The Peninsula Paris
19 Avenue Kléber
75016 Paris

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