The vineyards of Lavaux

The vineyards in Lavaux

The vineyards in Lavaux

More than 40 km of the vineyards stretches along the Montreux Riviera, from Vevey to Lausanne. It is one of the most beautiful and largest in Switzerland. UNESCO World Heritage Site the vineyards of Lavaux has been cultivated by monks since the 11th century where vines are grown on narrow terraces leaning against stone walls. 400 kilometres of stone walls over 10.000 terraced vineyards spread over 40 levels, loom over the shores of the stunning Lake Geneva. The vineyards of Lavaux lies in the Canton Vaud, right in the heart of the French speaking Switzerland. It is said that there are three suns in Lavaux, one that is the sun itself, the second reflecting from the lake and the third is the warmth of the sun emanating from the stone walls. The views are truly spectacular. From the steep terraces you are greeted by waves of lovely hues as the vines begin to display their autumnal colours and the sweet juicy grapes are ready for harvesting. Hiring a car is great as you can get to see places but Switzerland has one of the world best railway system and travelling by train is highly recommended. The Swiss Pass which must be bought outside the country enables you to travel by trains and boats with reduction prices for mountain trains and cable cars. In Lavaux there are villages that you can go to for the starting point of the visit. By car or by train, either ways could take you to the vineyards. From Lausanne or Montreux take the train to Vevey, then hop in the Vevey/Puidoux train lines which takes you to Chexbres, the wine growing village where you can begin to explore the vineyards. From the high terraces you can get splendid views of the vineyards the lake and the mountains – providing of course the weather is clear. Walk a few minutes from Chexbres village and you arrive at Le Deck a stylish lounge bar with stunning views over the vineyards. To get there you can take the TGV Lyria from Paris France which will take you directly to Lausanne in just a few hours – then take the train to Vevey or Montreux to begin exploring Montreux Riviera.

Lavaux vineyards along Lake Geneva

Lavaux vineyards along Lake Geneva

Although Chasselas grapes are grown elsewhere it is originally from Lavaux where it is mostly grown producing a white wine with a typical dry and fruity taste. This is a great wine for aperitif as well as a perfect companion with fish dishes and cheese. To get to know more about the wine producing there is a choice of 200 winemakers spread throughout Lavaux where you can visit and get a taste of their products.

Chasselas grapes and Lavaux vineyards

Chasselas grapes and Lavaux vineyards

Getting there
By car, train or flight to Geneva
By train from France with TGV Lyria
Tourist information
In Switzerland
Swiss rail transport is one of the best and it is convenient to get to one place to another by using the Swiss Pass. A great way to travel around the country when not hiring a car. A weekly or monthly tickets which allows you to an unlimited travel by trains, boats and free entry to some attractions.

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