Flower carpet blooms in Brussels

The flower carpet illuminated at night for sound and light show

The flower carpet illuminated at night for sound and light show

More than 600.000 begonias are used to make the magnificent flower carpet covering 1800 m² of the Grand Place in Brussels. For this 19th edition of Brussels flower carpet, colourful begonias and dahlias skillfully arranged in geometric patterns inspired from Anatolian kilims mark the 50th anniversary of Turkish immigration in Belgium. Despite the rain, 100 volunteers from Ghent home to these reputed begonias continue to finish “weaving” the intricate designs. Freshly picked 300 flowers are needed per square metres. A variety of begonias, dahlias and blue coloured barks chips come in striking colours transforming the Grand Place into fabulous hues of colourful ephemeral flower garden. Here are some images taken during the making of the biannual flower carpet show. Boxes of flowers waiting to be used …

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The inhabitants of Ghent placing begonia flowers, working throughout the afternoon in spite of the rain …

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At nightfall, the flower carped is illuminated by thousand candles with sound and light show and fireworks…

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  1. It’s beautiful, and so skilfully done, but what’s so touching is that it’s done to commemorate migration – such a thorny issue these days. Are the Ghent growers descendants of those first Turkish migrants?

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