A Miraculous Fountain …

The fountain of Sainte Aubierge

The fountain of Sainte Aubierge

Water the source of life, without it could life exist ? Since the dawn of Humanity, the notion of water has been integrated in many spiritual beliefs and in world myths where all creation is said to have risen from the primordial ocean. From ancient Egypt, Assyro-Babylonian, Greece and Christianity as well as Asian mythologies, water symbolises purity to which are attributed a number of gods and goddesses, transforming certain water sites to become a sacred place. Baptism and ablutions are some of the many examples to which water plays a major role in religious rites. Sacred water sites are usually located along Earth’s mystical alignments known as the Ley lines, where most ancient monuments are built. For centuries many of these sacred springs, wells and rivers have been associated with the miraculous, venerated by the ancients and even the Catholic faith has adopted many of its pagan religious beliefs. Sacred springs are found in all parts of the world, even those found in France have become pilgrimage sites and many of them are associated with Catholic Saints. One of the most undeniably famous is Lourdes with other mystical places spread throughout the country. Some are known whereas others are only known to a handful of believers. One of these sacred water site located not far from the Medieval city of Provins in the Ile de France, is the 18th century fountain of Saint Aubierge, named after the third Abbess of the monastery of Faremoutiers. According to legend, it was here that Saint Aubierge, during a very dry season miraculously made the water spout from the dried spring. The place is also known to have been the ancient cult site of the Druids and like many of such ancient places, the site is once again revived under the Catholic faith. The fountain of Saint Aubierge with its small church is also believed to have a miraculous healing power especially for women. Each year on Easter Monday the sacred spring of Saint Aubierge becomes a pilgrimage site.

The sacred spring of Sainte Aubierge

The sacred spring of Sainte Aubierge

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