Ganesh Festival Mumbai …

Worshipping Ganesh in Mumbai, India

Worshiping Ganesh in Mumbai, India

The Hindu Ganesh Chaturthi is annually celebrated to mark the anniversary of the elephant head god, son of Siva and Parvati. It is also believed that he reveals himself to his devotees during this festival. Venerated as god of prosperity and good fortune, Ganesh festival is mostly popular in the Maharashtra region. These are images taken awhile ago during my first visit to India at the moment of the festival. Outside India, Ganesh festival is also celebrated by the Indian community, such as like the one in Paris These statues made in all sizes, are placed in homes, temples and especially under small tents or “chapels” seen in all corners of Mumbai. Worshiped for several days, the celebrations is followed by rituals and offerings by Hindu priests invoking the spiritual presence of the elephant god. The festivity usually last for 10 days, until it climaxed in a large procession with thousands of devotees walking and carrying these colourful gigantic statues along the streets of Mumbai towards Chowpatty Beach, dancing and singing while throwing the famous red powder (not too happy for my camera) Arriving at the beach, the idols are finally immersed in water ending the festival.

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