Harvest Summer Festival …

Children participating in floats decorated with wheat and flowers at the Harvest Festival in Provins

Harvest Festival in Provins

Summer is time for harvesting wheat crops in the many fields surrounding the countryside in France. In the old days harvest is part of a joyful communal celebration in many villages. Today one of the largest harvest festival in France, is annually celebrated within the walls of Provins, World Heritage Site known for its medieval fairs. The streets of the hill top village of Provins becomes an impressive field of fun parade with animations, villagers clad in costumes of bygone days, display of old tractors and vintage cars, as well as threshing wheat in the old fashioned way using authentic collector’s machines. Decorative floats of wheat stalks pulled by old tractors are enhanced with theatrical sketches of old village life, popular beliefs, music and dance.

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Portrait of a rural village life …

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Threshing wheat the old fashioned style with machines dating back to 1942 …

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Harvest festival wouldn’t be complete without a display of some impressive old engine tractors and here they are parading away along the streets of Provins …

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To end my walk at the harvest festival after delighting myself with the old ways of rural life bathe in the fantasy world of wheat, is to get a last glimpse into vintage cars. These fabulous collection of old cars and still in use by their owners, ranges from prewar up till the 60’s with starlets like Peugeot, Ford, Renault, Citroen ….

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