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Pilots in front of Rafale jet fighter during the 50th Paris Air Show

Pilots in front of Rafale jet fighter during the 50th Paris Air Show

I have always been passionate on aeronautics and whenever I happen to be in Paris, the Paris Air Show which is held once every two years is to place to be. Not only to follow new trends in aviation and their new technology but also watching impressive aircraft taking off dancing along the skies demonstrating their utmost performances – such as the famous French Rafale, the old Fouga Magister, French two-seat jet trainer built in the 50’s, and for the first time the Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet demonstrated its advanced technique and maneuverability …

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Another military defence system is the unmanned combat aircraft designed with its unique delta wing V shape using stealth technology, and here it is on a static display under a protective dome …

Dassault's nEUROn unmanned combat aircraft

Dassault’s nEUROn unmanned combat aircraft

For decades Paris Air Show is not only a meeting place for International traders during professional days, but also a podium for power figures to appear for quick visits, such as Laurent Fabius the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and French President François Hollande. And here they are …

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For commercial planes flight demonstration comes with the popular Airbus 380, Boeing Dreamliner 787 and a quick flyover of the new Airbus 350. Another interesting display for flight entertainment are the video with its touch screen and those using eye movement. Digitized control panel is progressively getting its way with an impressive demonstration of an entirely digitized multi-touch screen panel. With Thales Avionics 2020, it is science fiction becoming reality. In another stand is a static display of Dassault’s Falcon 7X presenting the first business jet to be flown with Fly-by-Wire advanced digital flight system technology.

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An array of historic planes is another interesting attraction at the bi annual Air Show including the old restored Lockheed constellation series which ends with the amazing Alpha jet flight demonstration of the Patrouille de France.

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