Organic eateries Ubud Bali

Go Green Eateries in Ubud Bali

Atman Cafe

Organic chicken Bakso rice noodle soup with garlic and ginger at Atman Cafe

I’ve always been a great fan of organic food and Ubud is haven for all that is green food. Health food business seems to be in vogue and with the more commercialized “yoga” as destination of Bali heavily promoted through the annual Bali Spirit festival, Ubud too will soon be catered to another wave of tourism. Yoga and healing retreats are sprouting and people from around the world arrive in the hope to experience the healing and mystical power of Ubud – the name itself derives from the word “Obat/Ubad” or medicine in Indonesian. The magical aura surrounding Ubud is addictive … this is probably one of the reason why I choose to stay here each time I come to Bali. And despite changing times the charms of Ubud still remain – a legacy handed down by the 8th century Javanese priest Rsi Marhandya who according to legend came to Campuhan (where the two rivers meet) and discovered its healing powers. For decades the tranquil beauty of Ubud has attracted quite a number of soul searching people from around the world and many have made this enchanted place their home. With all this yoga craze going on, more organic restaurants are sprouting in Ubud where most serve very good fusion of Indonesian, international and especially offering the trendy raw food popular with the Yoga crowds. There are quite a few of these organic restaurants and there will probably be more to come. A variety of delicious soups and local specialty are offered at the lovely Atman Cafe on Hanoman street, run by an Australian couple. My rice noodle soup was simply a delight. Bali Buddha is another health food restaurant that has been around for sometime. Located on jalan Jembawan in front of the post office they serve raw food as well as vegan delicacies such as my impressive macrobiotic platter.

Bali Buddha

Macrobiotic platter of red rice, vegetables, miso soup and seaweed at Bali Buddha

My super raw food temptation lead me to Taksu restaurant located at jalan Gautama Selatan – here is my organic raw green salad with tahini sauce and vegetable juice …

Taksu restaurant

Taksu restaurant

A nice luncheon in a beautifully decorated cozy environment is at Clear Cafe on Hanoman street – here tasting some of its inventive dishes. I started up with raw macro vedic green hornet cooler drink (spirulina, cashew milk, raw cacao coconut mint) and Humus plate served with Pita bread and flax seed crackers followed by snow tofu (coconut crusted tofu with sauteed greens in tamarind sauce and garlic)

Clear "Pizza" with avocado zucchini on sunflower herb crust, Snow Tofu and Trinity humus with pita bread and flax seed crackers

Clear “Pizza” with avocado zucchini on sunflower herb crust, Snow Tofu and Trinity humus with pita bread and flax seed crackers at Clear Cafe

A stop over in the raw food world of the yogis is at Soma Cafe. Creative and tasty dishes come with the delightful Green Goddess Power drink (celery, parsley, mint, cucumber and lime), long strands of shredded zucchini raw “pasta” in pesto sauce topped with capers olives tomatoes and bell peppers followed by a divine “raw” caramel cheese cake made with honey, Irish moss and cashew milk among the ingredients. They also make excellent organic ice cream …

Soma Cafe

Soma Cafe

Another place to stop by is Warung Sopa on Jalan Sugriwa where you can pick and choose different side dishes to go with your red rice – nasi campur Sopa style. As for the dessert try out their salak (snake fruit) cake. You won’t be disappointed …

Warung Sopa

Warung Sopa

The new must try organic restaurant is Dayu’s Warung with her original delicious home cooking. I had a go with her tasty gluten free vegetable filled samosas made with rice flour and sweet potato with mango chutney followed by organic red rice and vegetable curry. Dayu is also a pastry chef making some great inventive chocolates. Her moringa and chai spice chocolates are a must try …

Dayu Warung

Samosas, organic red rice vegetable curry and moringa chocolates at Dayu’s Warung

A morning walk through Ubud rice fields can be rewarded by stopping by Nila’s Warung Bodag Maliah where she also has her organic garden just right in front of the restaurant. Once again the popular Balinese red rice comes as nasi campur Nila’s style.

Fresh organic garden salad and Nasi Campur at Bodag Maliah Sari Organik

Fresh organic garden salad and Nasi Campur at Bodag Maliah Sari Organik

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