An Alsatian Harvest Wine Festival …

A young girl dressed in Alsatian costume parading during the Harvest Festival in Obernai

I’ve visited many towns in Alsace and these gingerbread half timbered houses seem like places out of Grimm’s fairy tale. There are many traditional annual festivities in Alsace but one of the best ones I’ve seen is the Harvest Festival in Obernai. Obernai is certainly a worthwhile detour when visiting Alsace – and it is only a few minutes train ride from Strasbourg …

A traditional Alsatian house in Obernai

Alsace is known for its good wines such as Riesling, Sylvaner and especially Gewurztraminer – one of my favourite. Coming to see the harvest festival can also be an opportunity to try out some of these wines during which a large barrel of the first harvested wine is part of the parade. The traditional sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and the salty knotty shaped bretzel breads are certainly not to be missed when in town. There are several good eating places in the city centre where you can taste all the best Alsatian dishes.

First harvested wine freely given during the parade

The harvest parade shows the many traditional costumes, dances and music performed by participants from nearby villages.

Harvest Festival parade in Obernai

And here are more images I took during the festivites …

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