Twilight Nights in Dubrovnik …

Romantic nights in Dubrovnik

In a few moments the sun is setting and here I am in another World Heritage Site, the walled city of Dubrovnik nestling along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Exceptionally well preserved the city is a treasure trove of architectural beauties. Walk along the ancient fortified walls and head towards Minceta tower to get stunning views of the city and the Adriatic sea. At twilight when night falls the city reveals its bygone splendour through street lights illuminating the richly decorated buildings. Depending on time of the day I like walking around old passages and visit the monuments especially at sunset when the soft glowing sun rays scintillate the city walls triggering that “lost in time” feeling. And the dance of lights continues heralding twilight and nighttide to transform the city into a magical world of past splendour unfolding the remarkably preserved elegant architectural styles of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Enter the monumental gate to the city and walk along Stradun the main street where the historic buildings are located. Amongst those are the 11th century Rector’s Palace, the two bell towers, 14th century Franciscan Monastery, 15th century Onofrio fountains and the Dominican Monastery with its lovely cloister surrounded by orange trees. More historic attractions lining up the The Stradun are the impressive Gothic Renaissance Sponza Palace and the Baroque style style church of Saint Blaise, patron saint of the city. Dubrovnik is something not to be missed when visiting Croatia … It’s a joy to wander about the old city getting lost in a maze of medieval passages, cobbled streets lined with carved archways where stone walls standing defiantly against the ages of time have their own legend to tell …
And here is the exquisite Gothic Renaissance Rector’s Palace, once home to the Head of the Republic of Dubrovnik.

Rector’s Palace Dubrovnik Croatia

And more twilight nightscapes of Dubrovnik …

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  1. Dubrovnik looks to be a magical place (it would be wonderful to visit) and your photos capture the magic perfectly. Fabulous creative, atmospheric shots. Thank you for sharing and treating me to a virtual visit at my desk.

    • Thank you yes indeed it is a wonderful historic city and as you can see from my posts I love the twilight nightscape of a place and try to capture it as best as I could 🙂

    • Thank you … yes it is still intact although many buildings were bombed during the siege of the city by the Serbs in 1991 it has been well restored 🙂

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