Jakarta … The Old China Town

At the train station Kota Jakarta

There might not be much left of the Old Jakarta but should you visit this city on your way to Jogyakarta or Bali then a stopover to the historic city “Kota Tua” is a must. I love musing around the old Dutch train station in Kota with its 1930’s style facade and browsing through the many old VOC Dutch buildings unfortunately left to die away with the changing times … But although changes have been made around China Town also known as Glodok, you can still see old Chinese temples and some of the old buildings and passages like the one I found here. All these shots are taken with my Canon film camera using 24-70 mm lens and Ilford Delta 400 … and of course these are the ways of silver prints still greatly in vogue … These images are part of my book series “Journeys Java to Flores”

Click on the images for a better view …

The Old China Town Kota Jakarta

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    • Yes do and don’t forget to visit the Chinese temples, the oldest in Jakarta and of course the fruit market in Glodok … have fun 🙂

  1. I like your works , especially your realism in photography . very, very subtle relationship to the topic you are spraying . Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Hi Stefan, Thank you for all your beautiful comments. I love what I am doing and I guess when you like something you give your heart and soul to it and I guess that is what the world is all about sharing and communicating 🙂

  2. Amazing shot! It has it all… perspective, good tonal range, a distinctive mood and an interesting interaction of gazes.

    • Thank you for your wonderful comments … And I had to wait a while in this little passage until that perfect shot 🙂

  3. Sudah kuduga, mbak ini sebetulnya ya warga Nusantara yang beruntung bisa keliling dunia. Mbok kirim tulisan buat blog-k gitu mbak. itung-itung jadi blogger tamu gitu. 🙂

      • I’m sure it is! I’ll be in India later on this year but still would like to go a little further east so who knows! 🙂

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