Korcula … And Marco Polo

The island of Korcula Croatia

The year 1254 – the birth of Marco Polo the Venetian traveller and merchant, but his birthplace still remains a mystery although it is widely accepted that he was born in Venice. Another theory placed his natal home to be on the island of Korcula which many Korculans claim to be his true birthplace. His father was a rich merchant originating from Dalmatia and with his uncle he followed them in their travels. The Polos ventured to Cathay by way of the Silk Road and brought back with them great treasures, but upon their return wars escalated between Venice and Genoa. Marco Polo was allegedly caught in the middle of the naval battle of Korcula and was imprisoned by the Genoese. It was in his prison cell that he wrote his fabulous travels to far continents which have inspired many and other explorers. Centuries have gone by since the days of Marco Polo and we would perhaps never know where he was actually born but let’s visit the Old Town – alleys lined with Gothic Renaissance buildings. Imagine that this could be his birthplace and travel into the world of the Polo family.

Korcula Old Town

More images of Korcula …

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    • Thank you for your wonderful comments. For the second photo, I need to get that “bygone charm” effect and I guess I managed to nicely “transformed” it into a dreamscape image 🙂

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