Devil Flowers ….

Snow capped mountains and olive grove on the island of Crete

Arum flowers (arum maculatum) are one of my favourite and although it is devoid of sweet smelling fragrances their shapes are beautifully sensual and photogenic. Among the weirdest species I came across were those found on the hills of Crete (Greece). The shape is amazing with its long thick spadix protruding from its very dark purple spathe. Botanically is called dracunlus vulgaris. Many names are given, Voodoo lily, Dragon flower but I like to call it Devil flower not only because it gives me that somber feeling when looking at it, but it also sends out a terrible smell which reminds me of the unique Amorphophallus titanum that only grows in the rainforest of Sumatra Indonesia. This particular gigantic flower which can reached up to the height of 3 metres also gives out a similar foul odour. Originally found in the Mediterranean and the Baltic regions, the Devil flower only blooms around spring time. Here are some images I took of wild Devil flowers during my walks along the hills on the island of Crete.

Dragon flower on the island of Crete

Voodoo Lily on the island of Crete

Devil Flower on the island of Crete

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