Jordan … the Biblical land

Amman at dusk

Who knows where exactly all the historic figures mentioned in the Bible set foot in Jordan, but one thing for sure Jordan has one of the world most interesting sites that is closely connected to early christians and the ancient world. Jesus was believed to have preached and healed the sick in the regions what was then known as Decapolis and Peraea, the ancient lands of Jordan and Moses was believed to have received signs from the heavens when he climbed Mount Nebo, today regarded as a holy site. And so names like Abraham, Elijah, John the Baptist, Job, Paul and many other leading figures of the Bible, add to the bygone allure of this land. Jordan is undoubtedly a treasure trove for Biblical sites. The famous Kings Highway world oldest road is where to head for to see some of these ancient sites. From here you can get some nice views of the enigmatic Dead Sea where many Biblical stories are associated with, amongst those, is Sodom and Gomorah – when Lot’s wife disobeying God not to look back while the infamous city is being destroyed, is turned into a pillar of salt. Then en route to Petra the amazing rock cut shrines and cities built by the Nabateans with a stop over in Madaba to see the 6th century mosaic map of Jerusalem. The Moabite town of Madaba is also closely linked to the story of Moses and the exodus. Another gem of the ancient world, north of Amman is the still well preserved Graeco-Roman city of Jerash …

Ruins of the ancient Graeco-Roman city of Jerash

The Krak des Chevaliers are another ancient sites worth the visit. These fortified Crusaders castles perched on hills, built to protect pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land are spread throughout the area along the Kings Highway, but the most visited
is Shobak ….

Shobak Krak de Montreal 11th century Crusader castle

More images from the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan …

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jordan in a way that I have never seen it. My husband traveled there for work several times, but his snapshots didn’t really convey any beauty. Seeing all of your photos gives me a bigger picture (no pun intended).

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. Indeed sometimes you must have the eyes to see things which other cannot see or simply miss it and sharing them to the world 🙂

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