Amorgos … a Greek Odyssey

The monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa

It is not easy to get to Amorgos one of the many islands in the Cyclades. Having no airports the only way is by sea route, that means taking the long hours boat or ferry ride either from Piraeus port in Athens or from other islands. Summer is probably the best time to visit the island as there are more regular sea links. Although it is much easier to take the fast boat from Thera Santorini, I took the very slow boat from Mykonos where after long hours at sea, it finally anchored in Katapola one of the two ports of Amorgos. Then, I head for Aegiali north of the island where I stayed. Amorgos with its wild and dramatic landscape is paradise for hikers. There are walks you can do in a day around Aegiali. Hiking trails are lined with wild plants and sweet smelling aromatic herbs and where you might even come across some lost donkeys till you reach the mountain villages of Tholaria and Langada for a lunch break. What I like about this place is its pristine wilderness, fabulous blue sea, spectacular cliffs, scenic bays and picturesque traditional villages. The amazing white washed 11th century monastery Panagia Chozoviotissa leaning against the rocky cliffs is a must see and is certainly the main attraction of the island. Who would not be impressed by the stunning rocky landscape of Agia Ana which has inspired Luc Besson for his 1988 film “Le Grand Bleu”.

The beautiful scenic bay of Agia Ana

Here are some images I took during my stay on the island …

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  1. Wow, incredible images! What a place, and neat to know about its influence – I love Deep Blue.

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