Sakura cherry blossoms

Sakura in full bloom …

Pink Sakura cherry blossom in Parc de Sceaux

Sakura Cherry Blossom time, now are in full bloom in the elegant gardens of Parc de Sceaux once the property of Colbert the Minister of Finances of Louis XIV. Set in one of the most beautiful park work of André Le Nôtre the reputed 17th century French landscape designer, the white and pink cherry blossom can be seen in both the south and north Bosquet (French style garden with trees planted in rows) . Each year the park becomes a fabulous theater of cherry blossom blooming in all its splendour and especially for the Japanese community who make this event a unique moment for family and friendly picnic gatherings under the trees. “These petals are delicious and can be used to make herbal teas and the leaves are edible too” said one Japanese lady busy gathering the flowers. The sakurayu or cherry blossom tea is obtained by pouring boiling water to pickled cherry blossom (it is made by mixing the petals with salt and plum vinegar) As for the leaves, they are used in the making of sakuramochi Japanese rice cakes. Hanami or look at the flowers as the Japanese says it, and le temps de cerisiers as the French says it, springtime celebration popularized since 8th century Japan, whether you come to see the magnificent full bloom of the cherry blossom, enjoying your bento with friends under the trees or collecting its petals to make your own sakurayu, the Parc de Sceaux is certainly a must see when visiting Paris in spring.

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