Luang Say Luang Prabang

Luang Say a colonial dream …

One of the colonial style villas Luang Say Residence

Things have changed since Henri Mouhot the French explorer set foot for the first time in Luang Prabang on July 25, 1861. An avid traveler who is known for his evocative sketches of Angkor, Mouhot impressions of the Mekong according to his travel journals, is described as a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and lush valleys comparable to that of a picturesque image of the lakes Como and Geneva. A small paradise as he called it that is, if it hadn’t been for the unbearable heat. Several months later Mouhot died of malaria and was buried along the Nam Tha, just a few kilometres from Luang Prabang. To come to Luang Prabang and get that feel inspired from nineteenth century explorers is to stay at the Luang Say. Several villas surrounded by palm trees are nicely set around a lovely tropical garden with a nice pool.

The tropical garden with sun beds around the pool

And relax against a backdrop of a colonial setting in the villa …

The Pioneer Suite

Before immersing yourself in local delights …

Tropical fruits

A local specialty of chicken noodles soup and rice cracker cooked with organically grown ingredients from their own vegetable patch.

Luang Say chicken noodle soup

And a taste of signature cocktail drinks served in their relaxing verandah of the 1861 Bar

Mango smoothie

Another yummy fruit cocktail …

Banana smoothie

And a must try is the Lao lo sour the house unique blend of local rice wine, lime juice …

Laolo sour cocktail

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  1. I have just returned from an incredible trip to Laos and before going there I actually took notes of some of the local foods that you recommended in one of your posts. I tried most of them and I need to tell you that I’ve officially fallen in love with Lao foods! Thanks for that!

    • Wonderful, I imagine you had a great time and I am glad that my post gave you an “avant-goût” to Laotian food…Looking forward to your Lao post 🙂

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