Old Delhi

Daily life in Old Delhi

Walk around Old Delhi once the royal city of Shah Jahan (Shahjahanabad) and get lost in the maze of time. I love to browse through its streets and discover some of the city’s most revealing Mughal architecture. Most interesting are the carved pillars and doors …
All these shots were taken with my good old Canon film camera using Ilford delta 400 and Kodak 400 Tmax. These images are available as silver or digital prints for sale. For further information contact me.

Streets that never sleep … a journey in time

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  1. Wonderfully evocative pictures. I haven’t been to India but your picture of the fruit sellers with the bananas took me back to my time living in Pakistan, I felt the old emotions I had there come flooding back, it was amazing. Thank you!

    • Thank you again for the nice comments … Old Delhi was an amazing trip … is like walking in the past 🙂

  2. first, thanks for the like on my India Journal Blog. to have someone of your obvious talent take the time to like my photos is a great honor and most appreciated. I love these photos of Delhi-I usually see India in all its colors and seeing it in black and white adds a whole new dimension to the scenes. I will be checking out your other India posts as well. thanks again. 🙂
    with love light and JOY

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