The way of the monks … Luang Prabang

Temples along the Mekong … Wat Xiengleck

Despite of the high influx of tourists and very commercially oriented, Luang Prabang still retains its beauty and remains Southeast Asia most popular destination. Its colonial buildings along the Mekong, today mostly renovated into hotels, guest houses and restaurants are still quite a sight, but the major attraction is the many beautiful gilded temples and the daily alms procession that begins at dawn. Barefoot saffron clad monks and novices walk along the streets while locals would placed a handful of specially prepared sticky rice in their alms bowl.

Alms procession at dawn

A beautiful solemn procession…

Alms procession along the temples

After the alms procession monks and novices would spend their morning hours studying, reading or getting serious with mobile phones …

Work and leisure …

Novices going for a recreational fun visiting the cave temple of Wat Sakkalin across the Mekong in Chompet. The cave is unusually hot and is filled with fragments of broken headless Buddhas…

Down to the enigmatic Wat Sakkalin

Luang Prabang has quite a number of magnificent carved gilded temples and even village temples are adorned with wall paintings and gold decorations.

Wall paintings in Wat Aham

More wall paintings at Wat Pahouak

Wat Pahouak

If Buddhas are present inside temples and so are around temple grounds such as in Wat That Luang …

Buddhas in the exterior compound of Wat That Luang

Temple altars can be filled with so many Buddha statues that even the back side can be quite a sight.

Buddhas in Wat Mai

Traditional architecture adds to the beauty of the living quarters for monks and novices.

Living quarters of monks in Wat Long Khoune

One of the best time to visit the temples is at sunset when it is devoid of tourists. Walk around the shrines and see monks and novices prepare for their evening prayers. The beating of the drum echoing throughout the temple compound is a sign to begin their evening rituals …

Drumming at Wat Xiengmouane

When all the monks have gathered inside the temple, beautiful mesmerizing sacred chants reverberate throughout the small garden of Wat Siphouttabat Thippharam. A truly unforgettable scenery …

Evening prayers at Wat Siphouttabat Thippharam

Another sublime evening prayers …

Evening prayers at Wat Mai

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