Munster Valley Delights …

Half timbered houses and charming buildings that characterizes the many small towns in Munster Valley are not just worth visiting but a stopover in the many farm inns (fermes-auberges) scattered around the valley offering local specialties is certainly a must try. Some of these farms inns produce their own wine, dairy products, breeding cattle, sheep, poultry and a unique Alsatian black hen breeder that you can visit at the Sondernach Ried farm. A stopover at this lovely farm tucked high up in altitude is certainly worth it. The Munster valley has quite an array of traditional dishes which are not to be missed like the hearty farmer’s meal (repas marcaire) that are offered in some farm inns such as at the wonderful Auberge du Ried in Luttenbach.

Meat pie to begin with …

Marcaire Meal Farmer meat pie at the Auberge du Ried Luttenbach

Then comes smoked pork meat served with the traditional “roïgabrageldi” – sliced potatoes cooked in butter for 2 hours.

Smoked pork meat with potatoes cooked in butter

Another specialty is this appetizing Munster cheese dish …

Munster cheese meal at the Auberge du Ried in Luttenbach

For fine gastronomy the L’Agneau d’Or restaurant in Munster is a must try. Different ingredients that blends in with local products tastefully orchestrated by the talented Martin Fache is definitely the most unforgettable culinary journey in Munster valley. Here are some of his absolutely delicious creations…

Noques (gnocchi) de Munster rôties fresh green salad with walnut oil served with Pinot d’Alsace 2009

Noques de Munster rôties

After a refreshing sorbet comes the smoked trout garnished with caraway seeds sauerkraut and Munster cream served with Riesling Herrenreben 2006

Smoked trout with caraway at L'Agneau d'Or restaurant

Followed by raisin and Munster cheese served with Gewurztraminer Holder 2009 (my favourite Alsatian wine)

Terrine de Munster au raisins at Martin Fache L'agneau d'Or restaurant Munster

The Munster cheese macarons created by Willy in his bakery and tea room in Munster is definitely another savoury stopover. Willy also offers culinary workshop for making traditional bretzels.

Munster cheese macarons at Willy pastry shop Munster

So the next time when in Alsace travel south till Colmar, continue to Munster Valley and savour the delights of their local products…

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