Munster Valley …

Storks flying over or simply nestling on rooftops, that is what you see in the small town of Munster right in the heart of Munster Valley. A Lovely Alsatian town surrounded by breathtaking hilly landscape strewn with vineyards. The surrounding areas is also as pretty with towns like Soultzbach with its charming half timbered houses and Gunsbach where Albert Schweitzer once lived. For those interested in staying overnight there is the old Presbytery where Albert Schweitzer spent his childhood, now converted into a nice comfortable B&B. The Munster Valley is also the birth place of Munster cheese and the recently opened Maison du Fromage. Formerly an old farm, the Maison du Fromage offers cheese lovers an interesting insight into the history and the making of Munster cheese. Visitors can also watch how Munster cheese are produced as well as exploring the museum and its exhibition displaying stages of production of the famous cheese. There is also a nice restaurant with terrace and a boutique. Below are some short video clips taken during my visit to this wonderful Valley.

The making of Munster cheese …

A wooden clog maker in his workshop …

A saddler making leather cow bell collars, a unique craftsmanship…

An opera of nature brought by Vincent Karche Lyric Tenor who leads his lovely walks meandering through the vineyards while trying to blend his lyrical chant and the vibrational beauty of nature. A unique way to discover some of the valley’s most enchanting places.

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