Dreaming of tea in … Shanghai

Chrysanthemum tea

There are some nice tea houses in Shanghai and a must taste is the fresh Chrysanthemum tea. Served in most tea houses this special tea has a unique taste. It is a mixture of Chrysanthemum flowers and Chinese wolfberries. The Lycium barbarum wolfberry species grown in Ningxia, Tibet and the Himalayan regions are supposedly beneficial for health (antioxidant and anti aging) Here are some images of the the old tea house in Yuyuan gardens, expensive and touristic but a must visit for first time visitor in search of impressions of Old Shanghai.

Yuyuan Garden Tea House in Shanghai

Green tea is another of my favourite especially Sencha and Maofeng Huangshan grown mostly around the Yellow Mountains.

Green tea

When in Shanghai I enjoy coming to these tea rooms. The Old Shanghai Tea house

The Old Shanghai Teahouse

and the Old China Hand Reading room, the literary tea room in the French Concession, opened by Deke Erh the Shanghai photographer.

The Old China Hand Reading Room in Shanghai

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