The oldest zoo in the world …

Pink Flamingos

Back to the jardin des Plantes in Paris, to rediscover the Ménagerie, a unique zoo the oldest in the world after that of Shönbrunn. The Ménagerie was officially opened in 1794. The zoo is a an architectural gem of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Walking around the Ménagerie is like stepping back in time. The Monkey house was built in 1805 and the impressive Reptile House built in 1870. Strolling in the Reptile House with its carved crocodile pit and the wooden glass cupboards recalling some Cabinet of Curiosities definitely give that feeling of being in a Victorian era.

The Reptile Hall built in 1870

Another orientalist nineteenth century style is the birdhouse home to the scarlet Ibis built in 1827.

Scarlet Ibis

This small zoo has also some endangered species with some animals that are born this year amongst them are the red pandas, 2 baby panthers (kailin and gaya) and a baby camel. Another interesting visit is the Vivarium built in 1926 home to insects and amphibians. Here are some images during my walk around this fabulous historic zoo.

Watching the panthers

Watching a playful orang utan

Monitor lizard (varanus indicus) in the Reptile House

Rhinoceros Iguana (Cyclura cornuta) An endangered species

The Ménagerie oldest zoo in the world

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