Invasion Of The Walking Dead …

The annual Zombie Walk at the Place des Vosges in Paris

For centuries the world of the undead has never ceased to fascinate people. From legendary myths to the film industry, the craze for the underworld has become part of the world’s culture – zombiemania … From vampires, mummies, to the dark lords and other ghoulish creatures of the undead are given the chance to walk once again in the world of humans at the annual Zombie Walk in Paris. Hundreds of those who would like to relive the world of the undead participate in the annual Zombie Walk.

Participants dressed in costumes during the Zombie Walk

Crowds of Zombies walk around the historic Marais while shrieking and screaming away until the park where they all gathered for a great meeting of the undead…

Red eyed vampires at the great meeting of the undead

Some great scenes are re-enacted from films such as these classic ones …

The haunting screams of the zombies

For photographers it can be quite fun taking part in this grand meeting of the undead while shooting away …

Ghoulish creatures during the great meeting of the undead

And here are more images of the Zombie Walk …

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  1. Great photography indeed! Long ago i did courses in theatrical masks and make up, i must say that what you captured is an amazingly executed work! And i am forever impressed by subcultures, so your post is a real treat there too, thank you!

    • Thank you for the nice comments…the overall make up and theatrical masks were pretty good and being in zombie “skins”, the participants performed well, posing ghoulishly in front of the camera especially along the iron gates :-)

  2. Nice shots! The participants did a great job with their make-up. On Oct. 13 Minneapolis held a “zombie pub crawl.” I just heard that 35,000 people attended. I really don’t get this zombie craze!

    • Thank you, 13th Oct was the world Zombie day … I am not sure how it got its “day” but it seems so popular and I guess now it has become a prequel to All Saints Day and Halloween – and the story continues :-)

  3. Wow! What a blog site. I am truly looking forward to exploring your images and your words as you creatively wrap yourself and your camera around events of the world. Glad to have discovered you!

  4. Wow, Paris has the best-dressed zombies on earth! But then, I would expect nothing less from The City of Light…or should I say Darkness? ;)

    RPRT Photo

    PS Nice captures!!! :)

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