Ketupat a delicacy for Ramadan …

making ketupat wraps from coconut leaves
Market of Yogyakarta
Central Java

One of Indonesia traditional culinary specialty for Idul Fitri celebrating the end of the fasting Ramadan month is Ketupat. Weeks before and even after Idul Fitri (Lebaran) you can see sellers preparing the intricate woven palm leaves. Rice is cooked inside these woven coconut leaves until it expands and becomes sticky. They are usually stored in the open air while hanging in bundles ready to be cut and eaten with other dishes such as rendang or sate. These shots are taken in the markets of Yogyakarta …

Preparing ketupat shells
Yogyakarta market
Central Java

Woven palm leaves shells for ketupat …

Ketupat shells made from woven palm leaves

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