Misty Mountains …

The mist of the Yellow Mountains

This is Huangshan known as the Yellow mountains highly praised by poets and painters throughout the centuries. I have always wanted to visit this place and here I am … The scenery is beautiful with fabulous sunset and sunrise. An inspiring landscape of granite peaks surrounded by the unique Huangshan pine trees. I was quite lucky to catch a glimpse of the mist descending the mountains just before dawn. These images are taken with a Canon film camera using my favourite Ilford Delta 400. A little grainy but that is the beauty of black and white film negative shots …

As the sun rises illuminating the dark corners of the mystic mountains …

A memorable journey just like how I would imagine and staying a night on the summit is a must to catch the first sun rays at dawn …

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    • Thank you … I try to make the image as true as possible but sometimes words and visuals cannot replace the perception of human eyes… and the experience was transcending :-)

  1. These are just wonderful, and I imagine much more lovely in black and white than they would have been in color. Thank you for coming by my blog and liking.

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