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Spring walks spring flowers spring in Paris

Bagatelle gardens in spring

Spring is here and time for walks in the city’s many wonderful gardens. One of my favourite walks is the Bagatelle gardens where I can delight my senses into a variety of spring flowers forming a web of multicoloured gems. Various flower bulbs, daffodils, magnolias and the intoxicating fragrance of hyacinths spread out like a beautiful tapestry. Yellow daffodils swaying gracefully to the music of the wind. A feast for the eyes.

The garden of Bagatelle


A delight for kids …

Dreaming of daffodils

Even the inhabitants can sometime be a fascination for little visitors …

Alice in the land of peacocks

Walk around the many paths leading to flowers beds and get a glimpse of the seasonal garden, waterfalls ponds and shady trees. The eighteenth park and château which once belonged to the Comte d’Artois remain one of the most enchanting place to come for an afternoon walk.

A tapestry of flower bulbs in the woodlands of Bagatelle

Magnolia trees with their fabulous flowers in full bloom.

Magnolia dream

A tapestry of sweet smelling hyacinths dancing along the sea of green fields. A truly spectacular show of nature.

A tapestry of colourful hyacinths

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