Lemon Festival …

Babylon with the figure of Pazuzu king of the demons

The charming coastal town of Menton along the French Riviera is reputed for its citrus fruits.  Its unique warm micro-climate made it to be the perfect place for many tropical plants.  Although the heyday of lemon production has long gone past, Menton still produces some of France most reputed lemons, mostly used by well known French chefs.  The lemon festival which began in the late nineteenth century has now become one of the world most unique show. Each year this sleepy town explode into a world of colour and fun with giant fruity floats parading along its streets. Great civilizations is this year’s theme with the Greek, Egyptian, Precolumbian and Roman architectural styles dominating the art work. The festival also coincides with Nice Carnival, so if you happen to be in the area, it can be a fun winter weekend. Try to stay the night in Menton and see the the spectacular sound and light show in the gardens of Biovès.

The Roman Atrium illuminated

Here are more shots I took at night.

Precolumbian civilizations

And more images with the play of light on the fruits.

Theseus and the minotaur

Some day shots of the fruit sculptures.

Celts and the Vikings

The snake like shadow of Medusa’s head against the fruity pillars is quite impressive.

Medusa, greek mythological figure

Then there is the enigmatic stonehenge.


And of course Egypt with its mysterious sphinx.

The sphinx

The weather was bad. It rained but the show went on and although I had quite a hard time trying to get some shots under the rain I managed to get some.

Samba dancer at the "Fête du Citron"

The Pre Columbian float taken just before it rained.

Lemon parade in Menton

Parade dancer

More dancers and performers highlighting the show.

Oriental choreography

Parade performer

Parade performer

The Roman float … and still raining !

The Roman fruit float

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